A guide of web ad common sizes: The most effective banners you need

Web ad size guidelines

In this digital age, web banners plays a significant role in marketing and raising brand awareness. Beside the design, choosing the right sizes for your banners, undoubtedly, will also have a great impact on their effectiveness. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have standardized various sizes and types of web banners in their ad size guidelines which will facilitate the process of creating and submitting content to different web pages.

In this article, we will introduce the most commonly used sizes across the web and mobile.

Common web banner types and sizes

Medium Rectangle300 x 250
Leaderboard728 x 90
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600
Half Page300 x 600
Billboard970 x 250
Large Rectangle 336 x 280
Banner468 x 60
Half Banner234 x 60
Skyscraper120 x 600
Vertical Banner120 x 240
Portrait300 x 1050
Large Leaderboard970 x 90
Square250 x 250
Small Square200 x 200
Small Rectangle180 x 150
Button125 x 125
Web banner sizes

Common mobile banner types and sizes

Mobile Leaderboard320 x 50
Mobile Full Page Flex320 x 320
Large Mobile Banner320 x 100
Square 250 x 250
Small Square200 x 200
Mobile banner sizes

Among the above types and sizes, most of all ad impressions are made up of these 4 following ones:

MobileMobile Leaderboard320 x 50
WebMedium Rectangle300 x 250
WebLeaderboard728 x 90
WebWide Skyscraper160 x 600
The most commonly used sizes

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