Create discount coupons: Tips for retailers

It’s usually difficult to determine the marketing strategies and tactics that will reach the largest audience and bring on the best results for your business. Among various practices out there, today we’ll discuss why deal and discount coupons should be used, also we’ll offer some handy free coupon templates which can be customized in minutes.

  • Reasons to use coupons
  • Tips to offering coupons to your customers effectively
  • How to create discount coupons
  • Free customizable coupon templates

Reasons why we should use discount coupons

It’s undeniable that using coupons is one of the inexpensive marketing practices that result in a lot of benefits. It helps to reward the current customers, boost loyalty and motivate them to keep using your products or services. By delivering online coupons via email or mobile, you have a chance in enticing your former customers to return. On the other hand, it will help to attract more new customers. The use of discount coupons also increases your branding awareness among the community, creates an opportunity to boost sales for the end of line or lower products.

Tips to offering coupons to your customers effectively

1. Make a relevant and valuable offer to your customers

It’s important to truly understand your target customers so that you can offer them the most valuable and relevant coupon deals and discounts. Do your research carefully before launching a coupon offer. It’s always a good idea to learn from other businesses. In addition, always stick to your purpose of creating a coupon offer. Is it for boosting sales during slump seasons or is it for drawing more customers to your new opening store? For example, if you are an online store, now you open a physical store, and you want to draw more customers to your new opening location, then you should consider in-store discounts as valuable offers.

2. Consider carefully in terms of time and value

Regarding value, it’s highly advised that we shouldn’t offer too many deals frequently on a weekly or monthly basis. The abuse of coupons will leave an image that your brand is cheap or unreliable to customers. Also, it will not boost sales effectively anymore because people think that they can buy your products at lower prices at any time.

In addition, the target users to offer a coupon should be considered carefully as well. You can boost loyalty by offering coupons to your current customers. You can draw more customers by offering coupons together with your partners. You can also entice your previous customers who haven’t return for a while by offering coupons via mobile or email.

The due time of a coupon is also important. Let make it a unique opportunity for users to be able to buy your products or services with the offers in coupons.

3. Deliver your coupons via different channels

There are some popular distribution methods that you can apply for your business:

  • Direct mail
  • Electronic delivery (via e-mail or mobile for example)
  • Instant redemption
  • Free-standing insert
  • On pack

How to create discount coupons

A good coupon not only offers appealing deals to customers but also helps in raising branding awareness among the community. Here are some elements you can consider to put into your coupon designs:

  • Logo and your brand name
  • Photos or graphics of the products or services you’re providing
  • Coupon code or discount value
  • Expiration date
  • Legal copy (where necessary)
  • Tracking code (optional)

Free customizable coupon templates on editorAC

We editorAC offer a lot of handy customizable discount coupon templates. You can choose your favorite template, change texts and colors, add photos or graphics, then download, share or print in minutes.

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editorAC – ACworks

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