How to create an Infographic with editorAC : No design skills needed

Infographics are amazing tools that help to transform our ideas into reader-attracted visual content sources. Using infographics not only draws attention to the information that visitors might be looking for, but it also can help increase our content shares, support SEO and reduce bounce rate.

Several years ago, it took time and effort to create your own infographics since skills of using designing softwares like Illustrator or Photoshop are required. Now it’s been becoming a lot easier thanks to explosion of drag-and-drop, browser-based design tools – and editorAC is one of them.

Create an infographic using editorAC in a few steps

editorAC is a free design tool from ACworks which allows users to design and download infographics in different sizes and file formats (PNG, JPG and PDF).

To create an infographic with editAC, you will need to first sign up for editorAC by creating a free account. You can sign up using your email or your Google or Facebook account.

You can also log in using your registered account for ACworks’ free stock sites (illustAC, photoAC, silhouetteAC and designAC).

You can choose your preferred language here:

After signing in, please follow these steps to create your own infographic:

1. Choose your favourite infographic template

Let scroll down to the infographics categories and click on See more or click here to see available infographics templates.

Sizes for your reference:

  • Vertical templates: 800 x 2000 pixels
  • Horizontal templates: 750 x 500 pixels

2. Customize your template

You can customize your chosen infographic templates in the following ways:

  • Change the colors and typefaces

  • Add graphical elements (photos, illustrations, silhouette vectors)

You can click on See more, and enter a keyword to find more elements.

3. Download your file

When you’ve finished with the perfect design for your own infographic, click the download button to see a list of file types.

You can even adjust the size of PNG and JPG file to scale it up to three times.

Do you want to try it now?

We have just introduced a quick guide to help you learn how to create an infographic with editorAC. The tool is still in the BETA version, so we truly appreciate your supportive comments and feedbacks to help us improve your editorAC experiences.

editorAC from ACworks