Mother’s Day 2021: Creative ways to celebrate the day with your mom

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It can be said that mother’s day is an occasion, an opportunity for us to show our moms how much we recognize and appreciate their roles in our lives. Given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many of us, either living with moms or being far away from home, might be worried for our beloved mothers, especially those who are in the high-risk age range. More than ever, we might want to make it the most special and memorable day. So, we would like to share some recommendations, some creative ways to celebrate the day.

For those who live with Mom

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  1. Invite Mom for strolling around the places that remind good memories
  2. Cook Mom a romantic dinner
  3. Give Mom a handmade gift
  4. Decorate the house in mother’s theme
  5. Set up a home theatre for her favorite movie

For those who are far away from home

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  1. Make a video call to Mom and chitchat for hours
  2. Prepare a video clip of memorable moments and show Mom
  3. Play an online game with Mom
  4. Hold a virtual party with Mom and other members of your family
  5. Create an online card for Mom

10 customizable card templates for Mother’s Day from editorAC

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