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With so many photos available on photoAC, learning how to search more effectively can save your valuable time. Please follow the following steps for better search results in the future whenever you want to use photoAC.

Finding what you want

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or you just want to jump from pages to pages randomly, our search options will facilitate you in finding the most suitable materials.

1. Tell us what you are looking for

In the search box, as usual, please enter one to three keywords related that best describe what you are looking for and enter or click on the blue search button to see the results.

For example: to search photos of party, please type ”party” and enter.

2. Review the results and decide how to refine your search

Too many unwanted photosClick on the Filter section on the right of the search box to narrow down the search results.
Not getting enough resultsClick on the Filter section on the right of the search box to expand the search results.
Want to change the search and start overType other keywords to the search box and enter

Narrowing your search results

In case that your search yields many results, let try the following tips to narrow down your search results:

  • Enter title
  • Enter keywords you might want to exclude
  • If you want to look for s specific image, you can search with its ID
  • If you want to look for similar images, you can upload an image and search with that image instead of keywords.
  • Check out and take advantage of our other suggestions (category, excluded category, sort by popular or recently added images, sort by shapes)
  • When you click and choose one image, don’t forget to check out similar photos as well.

Expanding your search results

Try to describe your target results in many way, for example you can include colors and some adjectives to the word search. You might want to try with many different synonyms of keywords for better results.

Try to avoid the following:

  • Search with too many word or the whole sentence
  • Using words like and, or, the or any punctuations
  • Include special symbols within the word searched

If you have any ideas or suggestion to optimize our search function, please leave your comments below. Your supportive feedback are precious to us.

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