Predict your future baby’s face with babyAC

ACworks has just released babyAC, a web application that allows you to generate an unborn baby’s face from two given faces using the newest technology of artificial intelligence (AI). The free version is limited to two images per day, but when creating a free account and logging in, you can try up to five images per day.

BabyAC uses StyleGAN AI technology and pixel2style2pixel for extracting facial features, reducing the processing time from about a minute to a few seconds.

It’s very easy to use in a few steps:

  • Drag and drop photos to “Dad’s photo” and “Mom’s photo” areas
  • Select “Like dad” or “Similar to mom” from the dropping menu
  • Click on “Create Baby” button
  • See and share the result
  • You can also edit photos of the babies on editorAC


The application will achieve the best results when:
1. The images are of high quality, good lighting condition.
2. Face looking directly at the camera.
3. Face without masks.

babyAC – ACworks

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