10 creative templates for your business card design inspiration

In this article, you will know:

  • Why we need a business card in digital age
  • How to design to business card
  • 10 creative templates from editorAC for your next business card design inspiration

Importance of business cards in digital world

Most of our business interactions nowadays take place on the Internet. We can easily exchange numbers, emails, proposals, and even set up a meeting online. Let’s imagine that you send thousands of emails to your potential customers a day. How many of them will remember exactly who you are amongst thousands of same-same emails they received on a regular basis. Hence, it’s fair to say having a physical business card will help you to leave a mark since your customers might keep it inside their wallet, pocket or somewhere they can find you later when they need.

How to design a creative business card

Let start by a few brainstorms:

What are your goals to have a business card?

You might want your card to be a short brief reflection of you. It should show people that you are the right person for the position they are looking for. In addition to the basic information that normally appears on a business card, what else can be embed in to make yours different from others? Think about that.

What style do you want?

We as humans respond and process visual elements much better than text; and wanted or not, the first impression of your business card depends mostly on its design. Of course, we need to consider about word choices, typography so that it’s easy to read and easily to be kept.

Japan3.58 x 2.1791 x 551074 x 651
China3.54 x 2.1290 x 541062 x 636
India3.54 x 2.1690 x 551062 x 648
US & Canada3.5 x 289 x 511050 x 600
UK3.35 x 2.1785 x 551005 x 651
South America3.54 x 1.9790 x 501062 x 636
Standard business card sizes around the world

10 creative templates from editorAC

Before you get started, we hope that the following templates can inspire you somehow.

editorAC – ACworks