9 tools to help you create a stunning presentation online

stunning presentation online

You need to present your latest project, or perhaps a favorite pastime, to a conference committee. Your time is limited, and the pressure is on. There’s no time to waste looking for tools online that will allow you to make your presentation in high definition. Fortunately, with this list of tools, you can have a crisp and professional presentation at the click of a button! These sites provide everything you need to be a natural presenter in minutes without having to invest months of practice and technical know-how. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran of many presentations, here are some of the easiest ways to create a stunning presentation online.

Customize stunning presentation online templates on desktop apps

Microsoft PowerPoint

While there are many options for creating online presentations, you can’t go wrong with Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s easy to use if you’re new to making presentations, and it features a wide selection of templates that allow you to start instantly. The templates range from creative to professional and can be used for business or personal use. You don’t even need to sign up for an account—using PowerPoint is quick and easy! Just create your master slide, click “New Slide,” select the template you like best, and then add images, videos, and text.

Google Slide

Google Slides is a PowerPoint alternative with basic simple layouts, no learning curves as creating a presentation, and totally free for anyone with a Google account. It also allows real-time collaboration throughout the slides.


If you want to find and download more eye-catching templates for Google Slide and MS Powerpoint, Slidego from Freepik might be a good choice.


Prezi is another great option if you’d like to make a presentation online, but in a different style than PowerPoint. The presentation type is known as a “Zoomable Presentation” because you can zoom into the details of any point in just one slide—unlike traditional presentations where concepts are limited by the size of your slides. As you add information to your presentation, Prezi will automatically link each piece together so that everything makes sense when viewers click back and forth for additional information. Each Zooming Presentation (as they’re often called) features an easily editable master slide that’s organized to make working on your project simple and quick!


Visme is one of the cloud-based graphic design software that allows users to create beautiful and professional presentations with various interactivity options, like hyperlinked elements, video embed, audio upload, and recording features.


Canva is another well-known cloud-based graphic design software with visually appealing slide templates which can be easily customized in minutes. Canva provides users with tons of graphic elements to choose from, such as photos, shapes, and icons. Users can also share with their teams, collaborate in real-time, directly present or record to show the audience later.


editorAC is also a cloud-based graphic design tool from ACworks, based in Japan. editorAC gives users a good taste of Japanese style for design templates in general and presentation templates in particular. Users can customize the templates available by changing fonts, colors, adding images from ACworks’ free stock image sites, or upload their own elements. Users are also allowed to collaborate in real-time or download for later use.

stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online
stunning presentation online

Build your presentation with mobile apps


Keynote is an app available in both desktop and mobile versions. It can be downloaded on Apple Store for $9.99. It does come on most Macs and Macbooks automatically, but you’ll have to purchase it for your smartphone or tablet.


SlideShare app from Linkedin is a great way to share and view presentation content on the go. You can create your presentation in any online presentation design tool, like editorAC, export it and upload it onto SlideShare.


Either you choose to build your presentation yourself or customize your favorite templates amongst millions out there, we believe that you can definitely find an excellent way of creating an online presentation that stands out from the rest. You can select a topic or theme for your presentation and then design the look of it to match, while still making your audience feel as though they are in the room with you. At the end of this process, you’ll have a beautiful presentation that looks professional and is tailored just for you.

editorAC – ACworks