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Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards from editorAC

You never know, a greeting card from us could be the most cherished possession of somebody we love. Choose from our customizable stunning templates to create a greeting card with ease.

Imagine the feelings when you received a heartfelt card from another person, you might also want to inspire others to sprinkle love that way.
Our online design tool editorAC assists you to create greetings cards for every occasion in minutes.

How to make a greeting card in editorAC

  • Open editorAC
  • Go to Greeting Card Category
  • Choose your favorite template
  • Take advantage of our features
  • Customize your card
  • Download

Choose from our Stock sites of high quality images, including photos and vector arts.

editorAC allows you to access our stock sites (photoAC, illustAC, and silhouetteAC) and choose any images you like to create a greeting card.

Print or download and share

You can directly print your finished perfect card via editorAC or you can download and share the card with your beloveds.

Some tips to make it at ease

1. Choose typefaces and fonts for a greeting card

There are a lot of typefaces and fonts available on editorAC and we think that the best ones for greeting cards would be simple and clear enough to read, yet still trigger warm and friendly feelings.

Some of the commonly used are Lobster, Caveat, Pacifico, Montserrat, Lato, Amatic SC, Gochi Hand, Joti One.

2. What to do with the design

Let think of the purpose that made you want to create a greeting card – to show someone that you care about him or her, to say thanks, congrats or anything else. For those purposes, you might want to include your memorable photos, some illustrations that evoke moods, and some simple texts that convey your heartbeats and messages. Use conversational and friendly words that are brief and to the point. Don’t over make it and it’ll become unnatural or cliché.

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