How to stay productive, healthy, and happy to work from home

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Flexible working in general and working from home, in particular, have become more and more popular than ever before since the pandemic COVID-19. As a matter of fact, everyone who works from home needs to figure out where to work, when to work, and how to keep a work-life balance, and apparently, not everyone can handle it stress-free. 

Elizabeth Scott has pointed out those who work from home tend to report high levels of stress.

  • Employees who work from home may experience more of a blur when it comes to work and personal life boundaries, especially with the use of smart devices.
  • Work-from-home employees may struggle more with the concept of unplugging and ending their workday compared to those who work in an office setting.

In this article, you will learn some tips for leading a better, healthier, and more productive work-from-home (WFH) style. 

Designate your working space  and get dressed for the day

First, try to make your working space comfortable with good lighting, desk and chair style, and some decorations if possible. It will maintain the semblance of your office environment and boost up your spirit a little bit further compared to working on a coach.

Second, dress up even when you have no virtual meetings on that day. Never underestimate the power of putting on clothes suitable for work. It will help a lot in drawing a line between being at home, relaxing, and working for real. Of course, you don’t need to wear heels or a suit but at least avoid sleepwear as much as possible.

Keep similar hours

The key to keeping productivity when working at home certainly lies in remaining your timing routines the same as that of when you go to the office. Keeping similar hours will help you stay on task and structure your day better.

If you have a to-do list at work, then do not give it up just because you are at home. You can use planner templates from editorAC to help you keep track of your habits.

Stay healthy, physically and mentally

Don’t sit in front of the screen for a long time. In my company, everyone schedules a 15-minute zen section from 12:45 to 13:00 to fresh our minds to back be better in the afternoon. You can absolutely go out within your lunchtime, take a good break, enjoy your meal, and chitchat with your co-workers via SNS. Don’t skip your meals since works never end. We need energy and positive mindsets to stay focused and be creative.

Keep contact with your co-workers on a regulars basis via virtual meetings, SNS, or email is a good way to boost your connections and team bonding. Connecting with people, even online, helps you stay happy and stress-free.

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