Icons for your e-learning and e-commerce projects: Free silhouettes

e-commerce feature icons
e-commerce icons from silhouetteAC

Online activities involving e-learning and e-commerce are getting more and more popular these days thanks to the development of Internet and the effects of the pandemic. We can easily name some of the famous platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Coursera, Udemy, you can absolutely name as more as you can. There are uncountable other sites and apps out there but not every one is successful with their products due to lack of the design attributes, performance, and appealing features that their prominent counterparts have.

As a platform that helps to ease your design procedure, in this article, we would like to introduce icons from silhouetteAC that can be used for your e-learning and e-commerce websites and apps. These are all free and ready to download. If you still don’t have an account click here to register and experience our services.

e-learning icons from silhouetteAC

If you would like to use these icons for other commercials purposes, please refer to Usage Guides section in our Help Page for proper uses.

Some tips for using website icons correctly:

  1. Look for the images that fit the overall style of your websites. Don’t mesh it up with too many styles. Keep icons consistent.
  2. Stick to common symbols. That helps users to understand immediately and hence boosts their experiences.
  3. Use text instead an icons when the meaning become vague.
  4. Don’t over do it 😉
  5. Common sizes for web icons should be 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 256×256. Of course, different systems have different standard icon sizes. Make sure you choose the right sizes for your own projects.

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