Ideas to celebrate Father’s Day with your Dads

father's day

Father’s day is just around the corner. For every little thing Dad’s done for us, it’s a great opportunity to show him how much we love him and appreciate his role in our lives. Either from miles away or under the same roof, we can surprise him with tons of creative activities.

Ideas to celebrate father’s day with your Dad

  • Learn more about your Dad: it might sound weird but hold on, are you sure you know your Daddy well? I was quite surprised that I didn’t know much of my Dad until I asked him to share with me about his life before me. Believe me, you will learn that our Dad is a treasure.
  • DIY together: my Dad loves creating everything by himself; from the cabinet to display my Mom’s favorite vases, to my working desk and chair, Dad made them all. Is your Dad a DIY enthusiast like mine? If yes, then it might be a good idea to spend some time together making a new piece of furniture for your home. Sounds fun, hah?
  • Enjoy outdoors: a family trip back to your hometown, a small picnic at the park nearby, or a simple walk would bring on lots of nostalgia and memories.
  • Watch a movie: due to the pandemic, you might not be able to go to the cinema, but we still can make it fun at home with popcorns, dim lights, and your Dad’s favorite movies.
  • Invite your Dad to eat out or cook him a dinner: my Mom once told me men’s love starts from his stomach, I found it interesting but saw it as a joke until I met my husband, and my Dad-in-law. So I guess, to show Dads our love, nothing can be better than a good meal.
  • Make a homemade gift and a thank you card for your Dad: a hand-writing letter, a thank-you card, or a handcrafted gift, whatever you want to make, take your time to come up with a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It might be hard to find the ideas sometimes, so hereafter we would like to introduce some illustrations and templates that can be easily downloaded and customized.

Wish you all great time with your beloved Dads.

Illustrations and Father’s Day card templates


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