Grab some tips to create a winning summer sale for your business

summer sale tips

Most businesses, especially e-commerce platforms, experience a sales slump during the summer months compared to a high at the end of the year. Besides the frequently used practice of running advertisements on different platforms, in this writing, we share some other tips that help to maximize the chance of success when you create a summer sale.

  • Run a flash sale – both online and offline
  • Hold a social media contest
  • Email your users frequently
  • Collaborate with other partners or businesses

Run a flash summer sale

It would be a good idea to boost your revenue by promoting a flash summer sale within a couple of days. With a time limitation, users will get activated. If your business is an online platform, make sure that the sale can reach your users and potential customers. There are many ways that help:

  • Run a sale-off landing page: since you want to focus on typical items for promotion, so other items or distraction won’t help
  • Create a pop-up banner or advertisement which can be seen easily on your website or platform

You might have your own design ideas for the banner and ads already. If not, you can refer to the design templates on Canva, Wepik, or editorAC.

If you run both online and offline platform, then we can combine the flash sale for both. For example, you can create a voucher that can be used both online and at the store. This combination will help boost the revenue and user experience, so it will be a true win-win relationship.

Hold a social media contest

Summer is the time for traveling and outdoor activities. It will be a good idea to create a summer photo contest on social media, especially for e-commerce platforms. A photo contest involving sharing on social media will help boost branding awareness.

In addition, by joining the contest, people can share their experiences using your products which are associate with some of their unforgettable memories. Hence, whenever using your products they will think of a story. At this time, a product is not only a product but goes beyond and becomes an experience. For that, the loyalty of users to the brand will be strengthened.

There are many Facebook cover and Instagram post templates on editorAC that you can use to design the announcement of the contest.

Email your user frequently

Even when you post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, or KakaoTalk frequently, there are risks that your posts are buried in your followers’ thousands of new feeds. So sending promotions and special offers directly to your customers’ emails will be another good practice you can do to boost your sale in summer.

With this practice, you might want to add a signature to your email with the purpose of raising your branding awareness.

Collaborate with other partners

Partner with other businesses can boost the sales for both and create a win-win relationship. For example, with a purchase of 100 dollars at one store, customers will get a voucher of 25 dollars that can be used at both stores. Or when a user upgrades to premium at your site, that user can get a gift code that can be used in your partner site as well. This practice might bring user experience to a whole new level.

What do you think about the above ideas? Do you have any other great ones that you would like to share? If yes, please leave a comment right below this post. We love to hear from you!

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