Tips on how to make Youtube thumbnails effortlessly but effectively

how to make Youtube thumbnails

Are you starting with your Youtube channels and wondering how to get them viral. Besides the content and quality of the videos uploaded, how your channel looks might greatly affect how to impress people and make them stay longer on your channel. In this writing, we will share tips on how to make Youtube thumbnails with no effort at all.

4 tips to get started on how to make Youtube thumbnails easily

1. Use the right Youtube thumbnail size

What is a thumbnail, you might wonder? A thumbnail is an image or footage that has been reduced in size. A Youtube thumbnail functions as a book cover in our digital world. With an eye-catching thumbnail, the chance to draw more people to visit your channel will be increased.

Here is the exact size your Youtube thumbnails should be

  • 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Minimum width: 640 pixels
  • Recommended ratio: 16:9
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB
  • File types: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP

2. Get impressed with nice designs

”Nice designs” sounds a ”big deal” for designers only right. Don’t panic. It’s such simple stuff like choosing a great photo, including texts, and choosing the suitable fonts that well express the spirit of your channel. Still, sounds like a big deal? Don’t worry. We share with you some templates for inspiration from editorAC. All of them are free, easy to customize, and available for download.

3. Raise your branding awareness by using branded Youtube thumbnail templates

With the use of colors, fonts, and graphics that match your brands, you successfully create a consistent style that reflects your channel.

Let take a look at some famous Youtube channels below as examples:

Babish Culinary Universe : with the use of same font and photo style, he’s created a consistent style for his channel.

Yoga With Adriene: what can we learn from her Youtube thumbnails

4. Be authentic in your thumbnails

It is no doubt that being true with the thumbnails about what your videos, your channels are will increase your channels’ reputation. No one wants to watch videos totally different with the thumbnails and headlines. If you do so, the people will left your channel very quickly; and as a result, Youtube will no longer display your videos because of too high bounce rates.

Our advice is keep your thumbnails true to the content you want to show, keep them as teasers for your videos that reveal enough about the content but still make people curious and want to see more.


Youtube thumbnails not only play an important role in raising brand awareness for your channel, but also they will make a huge impact in terms of click through rates which will affect a lot on how much people access to your channel.

If you want to find some inspiration for your Youtube thumbnails, you can see more templates on our design templates and editing tool platform – editorAC.

editorAC – ACworks

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